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The passion for the fascinating world of French wines production

Lakeside Classic French Wines
The passion for the fascinating world of french wines production

Hi, my name is Prof Nimal Raj and I am the wine enthusiast and founder of Lakeside Classic Wines in the Roussilon Region, France.

You know, wine is one of those things that to many people, can incite a tremendous amount of feelings and emotions. French wines is enchanting and mysterious, gives joy, confuses, and inspires. In many cases, these complexities lead to a love which leads to a strong passion for wine. For me it lead to Lakeside Classic Wines.

Through a bottle, you can communicate everything. Wine is found in the dusty clothes worn from the fatigue of a good harvest or fresh-pressed evening wear ideal for the perfect dinner. It is this idea which expresses the passion behind wine – the togetherness it creates within friendship and love. Whether they be old relationships or newly formed over a good bottle of wine, they are always found those evenings when you’re looking for that smile or that spark which makes everything more memorable.

Our Vision
Discover the Southern Flavors Within Our Wines

Roussillon is an amphitheater surrounded by mountains and open to the Mediterranean Sea. It is in this region rich in a glorious wine-growing past and with the greatest number of days of sunshine in France that my family has lived for more than 5 generations. 

Since my youngest childhood, I have always followed my father in the vineyards which revealed my passion for the profession and led me to carry out my studies as a wine technician and oenologist in champagne. After 20 years of experience as farm manager in Languedoc, I logically decided to take over the family farm located in Peyrestortes on a stony hill near Perpignan airport.

Innovation in every step...
With the aim of designing high level wines with character, we created our wine cellar in 2019. During that same year, the first awards came to salute our work with 2 stars in the hachette guide for our red wine and 90 pts in wine enthusiast for our white wine.

Our ambitions and our knowledge allow us to master the entire production chain from planting to bottling in order to exalt all its quintessence. 
Our vineyard is made up of noble Roussillon grape varieties such as Syrah, Grenache and Muscat. 
The entire estate is vinified using traditional micro-vinification to select the most beautiful areas of our terroir.

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